Pregnancy: Week 20 & We’re having a BOY!

We are having A BOY!! How overjoyed we are! 

20 (2)

On Tuesday we had our doctor’s appointment to find out the gender. By far this has been the best appointment to date. The ultrasound tech was awesome at showing us all of his little different body parts- his arms, his legs, his toes, his mouth, the chambers of his heart, and even his brain! About halfway through she told us we are having a boy! I honestly, didn’t care either way if it was a boy or girl but I had a feeling since the beginning that we were having a boy and I knew John really wanted a boy so to hear her tell us it was a boy brought tears to my eyes! I wasn’t expecting to be so emotional but it was by far one of the best moments I’ve ever experienced! 



Feeling GREAT aside from the on going constipation problems!


Monday-30 min Spin


Wednesday- Spin

Thursday- Arms

Friday- Res

Satuday- Rest

Sunday- Rest

Exercise is going great and I felt super motivated and have had lots of energy!


Happiness, Overjoyed, relieved to finally know we are having a boy!


I feel his little kicks mainly at night here and there but nothing too much yet!


Waffles and Orange Juice 


We started looking but nothing yet!


Purple Pride 5K: Orlando City Soccer Kick Off!

The night before my birthday there were signs up around downtown stating there would be road closures for the next day due to a race in the area. The race sparked my interest as it landed on the same day as my birthday and I thought what a great way to start year 27 off on the right foot! :) After a little investigating, I walked to Lake Eola the next day and registered for my first 5k of 2015. 


The 5K was actually a really special race for the city of Orlando as it was the kickoff to getting our first MLS soccer team! I am not a huge fan of soccer but I thought it would be a good way to support the city and partake in some sweaty cardio! The first game was last night in Orlando which ended in a tie! 



Because the race was so last minute, I ran solo.  The race was an evening race (my first evening one) and I got their about 15 mins early and started about a quarter of the way back from the start line. It was our first really hot and humid day in Orlando so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I decked myself out in purple in honor of OCL colors.. purple shirt, shorts, and shoes!





 I haven’t participated in a race since December, and haven’t really been running regularly this year, so during this race I  was happy to see that I made it to a mile without stopping. That was my goal.. haha! I didn’t make excuses this race and I kept up running the entire race and only walked when I felt absolutely necessary. There were two people I was trying to keep ahead of during the entire race which helped with the pushing through part.

(This pic was snapped before the race).


I finished the race unofficially at 36:21 and officially at 36:00.  I finished #71 out of 134 in my age group.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.34.01 AM

I didn’t time myself on RunKeeper which I normally do, because I just wanted to focus on running and not times. I felt like it was the hardest 5k I had ever ran! Maybe because I normally participate in races when it’s a bit cooler outside? (I like to avoid summer races because of the heat- I know it’s not summer but it was HOT)! Maybe it was because I really pushed myself- AKA-I threw up in my mouth during the race. Or simply… I just didn’t train for it. Going into it, I did have an expectation of less than 36 mins BUT I know that I’m not a runner, and didn’t prep for this at all. I like to run for fun and think it’s an excellent exercise and stress reliever! I am very very happy with the way I kicked off my bday!


Here’s to a healthy 27th year! 

Drone Day!

Yesterday was a great day for many reasons, one being that John and I had the day off together! Yay! I was so happy and pleasantly surprised to find out that we were off the same days again this week!

John and I

So on our day off we drove to a local park and John flew his new toy! AKA.. a drone!


I wasn’t really sure about the drone at first, to be honest, I didn’t even know what a drone was until John started showing me some pretty cool drone videos. When it came in the mail we were excited to put it to the test! John found that it was pretty difficult to fly at first..lots of crashing and burning. However, after 3-4 days of practice, we took it to the park to fly it in a more open space. It went really fast and I was surprised how much I liked watching him fly the drone. It was really, really cool.

bentley and droneDo you see how small it is? Everytime it crashed, Bentley would run over and circle it until John picked it up. He was acting like a hunting dog! haha

Because yesterday was such a windy day in Orlando, we weren’t able to capture a good video but are hoping to go back again on a less windy day. Here’s a video I shot on my iPhone of John flying the drone and Bentley trying to catch it in his mouth :)



We had a wonderful day :)


What is your favorite activity to do outside?

Have you ever flown a drone?

What do you do on your days off from work?


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