Pregnancy: Week 22


I know I said this last week but my stomach is getting BIG! I had another person ask me when I was due and it’s starting to settle in that this will be a normal occurrence until baby C is born! This week has been a little strange, my nausea returned and I was blasted pretty much every day with being so tired! Like so tired, I didn’t work out once this week! I know there are obvious changes going on, but something was deff stirring up in there. My appetite has been so strange too, some days it was normal and others I had a hard time finishing my lunch/dinner or even bringing myself to eat. I’m hoping things will get back on track next week.

22 (2)


Nausea, no appetite, SOOOO tired, stuffy nose, peeing ALL the time, and really thirsty!




Wednesday- Rest

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Rest

Satuday- Rest

Sunday- Rest

The theme of this week was REST, REST, REST! My body was clearly tired and I listened to it. At first I felt guilty for not working out once but I reminded myself that my body also needs rest and it will tell me when it needs something and it did this week. I really do hope to get back into it next week. I really do believe it has helped me in so many ways, especially with the emotional side of things.


Ehh…. pretty much all the emotions this week. Happy, Sad, scared, exhausted. You name it, I felt it!


Ok he is moving big time! He is SOOO active! I am starting to feel him move all the time! One night this week he was moving and kicking so much I was having a hard time going to sleep!


Orange Juice


I feel like we are never to going to find a name!

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