Pregnancy: Week 21

This week my stomach has GROWN! I feel like it went from a little bump to a big bump! I even had my first stranger ask me if I was expecting! <— which was really cool and strange considering I’m starting to really show! Constipation was a nightmare this week. I was in so much pain that I felt like I was going to pass out (saw little floaters and everything)… times like this I think, man.. if I can hardly handle this pain, how am I going to give birth to a baby!? Luckily, I reached out to a friend of mine who recently had a baby and went through the same struggles and she gave me a recipe for constipation candies! So far, they have done the trick and I plan to continue taking them as long as they work! 



Constipation, peeing more, and really thirsty!



Tuesday-Arms and 30 min spin

Wednesday– Spin

Thursday– Rest

Friday– Arms

Satuday- Rest

Sunday– Rest

Exercise is still going great, I doubled up on my workouts on Tuesday due to the lack of time in my schedule. I haven’t changed a thing since starting my routine but I’ve recently noticed that my workouts are getting a little harder each week. There’s more sweat and more heavy breathing! 




He is most certainly moving around! I feel him more and more each day! I can even see him kicking through my skin!


Waffles, Orange Juice, Gigi’s cupcake (which I got) :) 


Nothing stands out!

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One thought on “Pregnancy: Week 21

  1. Love all the spinning you’re doing! I’m going to start going to spin class again– I miss it! You’re look so beautiful and happy pregnant Emily!!

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