Pregnancy: Week 20 & We’re having a BOY!

We are having A BOY!! How overjoyed we are! 

20 (2)

On Tuesday we had our doctor’s appointment to find out the gender. By far this has been the best appointment to date. The ultrasound tech was awesome at showing us all of his little different body parts- his arms, his legs, his toes, his mouth, the chambers of his heart, and even his brain! About halfway through she told us we are having a boy! I honestly, didn’t care either way if it was a boy or girl but I had a feeling since the beginning that we were having a boy and I knew John really wanted a boy so to hear her tell us it was a boy brought tears to my eyes! I wasn’t expecting to be so emotional but it was by far one of the best moments I’ve ever experienced! 



Feeling GREAT aside from the on going constipation problems!


Monday-30 min Spin


Wednesday- Spin

Thursday- Arms

Friday- Res

Satuday- Rest

Sunday- Rest

Exercise is going great and I felt super motivated and have had lots of energy!


Happiness, Overjoyed, relieved to finally know we are having a boy!


I feel his little kicks mainly at night here and there but nothing too much yet!


Waffles and Orange Juice 


We started looking but nothing yet!

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