Pregnancy: Week 17

week 17

We heard the heartbeat again today! Baby C has a strong heartbeat of 158 bmp! For some reason I always get so nervous leading up to the doctor’s appointment. Guess it’s the mom in me now, but I am so relieved when I hear the heartbeat again knowing that there is another life inside of me. I was surprised to find out that I didn’t gain any weight since the last time I had been to the doctor but they didn’t say anything about it so I’m not too worried. So far I’ve only gained 2 pounds but my stomach has certainly grown! Makes me wonder if I should be eating more? My stomach feels like it’s starting to get full quickly already!

week 17 (2)

My doctor also approved Vega Sport protein powder so I can reach my daily protein goal. Which I am super excited about because this stuff is full of probiotics and is dairy free!

We scheduled our appointment for next month to find out the sex of the baby!  I will be counting down the days until then! I am SO anxiously excited! 


Increased appetite, liking sweets a little bit more and more, waking up more during the night and taking longer to fall asleep, and VERY emotional.



Tuesday- Dumbell arm workout (30mins)

Wednesday- 30 min Spin

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Dumbbell arm workout (30 mins)

On Monday nights I usually record the Bachelor and watch it throughout the week in 30 minute  increments while I workout. It makes my workout go by so fast. 



Feeling happy that we heard the heartbeat and looking forward to finding out the sex next month.  My emotions seem to be a little more all over the place this week, they’ve gone from sunny skies and rainbows to storm clouds and tornados.


I’m not 100% sure I felt the baby move but on Friday night I was laying on the couch and felt something so different that startled me which made body jerk. At that moment I thought.. maybe that was the baby! So I waited and felt it again! It felt like a mix between something rolling and a spasm. It was so strange but so cool! 

Gender predictions


Pregnancy 14-16

Week 14


The best part about this week was we got to hear the heartbeat! It made everything feel more real to me knowing our baby is doing well! After the appointment we went to Buy Buy Baby and looked at all things baby! Where does one start in a baby store that they’ve never been to before? We spent almost 2 hours browsing around testing out strollers, carseats, diaper bags, and cribs. It was such a fun time and memory I will cherish forever!

I also told my work this week that I’m pregnant! They were the last set of people I was waiting to tell and now it’s finally out in the open and I have nothing to hide anymore!

I also went maternity shopping for the first time and was completely overwhelmed by all of the options! haha I didn’t buy a thing!

Week 15


This week I noticed my stomach feeling bigger (almost a pudgy feeling). My jeans still fit but are more snug. I ordered a bellaband and it makes my pants feel so much more comfortable! I drove to Tampa to visit my friend Molly! It was great hanging out and talking about life and new things! She helped me take my first pregnancy picture too!

Week 16


I feel like I am finally starting to see a little bump! John told me he can definitely tell my stomach is growing! I’ve still been very constipated so I can’t tell if my bump is all baby or baby and a backed up colon but we will go with baby! I switched up my diet and starting eating more dairy because I felt like I wasn’t getting enough protein and I have had the worst constipation to date. I even took a laxative and that didn’t even work. I’ve decided to just go back to my normal eating habits of clean eating and will ask my doctor on Tuesday for his thoughts on adding protein powder to my diet.


Anyone tried this one during pregnancy?


Week 14: Emotional, feeling bigger, constipation is back, minor headaches, a lot of backaches and soreness, tired.

Week 15: Falling asleep really fast! Peeing more, really happy, constipated.

Week 16: Tired, Constipated, getting my appetite back, peeing a lot, thirsty- especially in the middle of the night, growing tummy, and really happy!




My workouts have been pretty consistent throughout my pregnancy. I’ve decided to get my cardio through my indoor bike trainer and weights. I try to shoot for 4-5, 30 minute workouts a week.


Week 14: This week I think it really hit me that this is real. It’s happening. I can’t stop thinking about what it will be like when the baby gets here and wanting he/she to be here soon! I’m excited for the future with our baby!

Week 15: Super happy!

Week 16: Really happy and excited for my appointment on Tuesday.

Gender predictions

Week 14: BOY!

Week 15: BOY!

Week 16: GIRL!

Pregnancy 11-13

Week 11

We told more of our friends this week! I finally got to tell my really good friend Jade! I ended up telling her in the parking lot after work one day. Her reaction was the best and she was so excited that I was afraid that someone else from our work might hear! :) I’ve been enjoying talking to my mom about baby/pregnancy stuff as well!


Week 12

I have finally gained my appetite back! This week started out pretty crazy. There was a terrorist attack in Orlando (just miles from where we live) that killed 49 people. It’s still hard to believe that this actually happened in our city. As far as the pregnancy goes, I’m not “showing” yet but my body is certainly not looking the same as it used to before.

Week 13

Emotions are high this week!



Week 11: Breasts feel fuller, less nausea, really tired in the morning, first craving: a chocolate glazed donut with creme filling! It was so good and I normally don’t even care for donuts!

Week 12: Really tired, nausea was back a little (mainly at night), peeing more often, and moody. I enjoyed eating Trader Joe’s Pickle flavored popcorn, pasta with sharp cheddar cheese, decaf coffee, and watermelon!

Week 13: Moody, loss of appetite, nauseated, tired, loving PB&J on toasted Ezekiel bread for breakfast. Also,…wait for it….PICKLES and sharp cheddar cheese!


Week 11: Very emotional when I think about the relationship between a mother and a child. Starting to visualize a future with my baby.

Week 12: I’ve been struggling with with not feeling a connection to my baby. Before I got pregnant I imagined I would feel a certain way and have an amazing love and strong connection and none of that is here yet. It’s not that I’m not excited it’s just not how I thought I would feel.

Week 13: I was really moody this week. It seemed like everything John did or said would set me off even though he did nothing wrong! (sorry!)

Gender predictions

Week 11: BOY!

Week 12: BOY!

Week 13: BOY!

I promise baby bump pictures are coming soon!  :)

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